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  • Eden Foods Seasonings
  • Eden Foods Seasonings

Eden is the oldest natural and organic food company in North America and the largest independent manufacturer of dry grocery organic foods. We are deeply rooted in Michigan about twenty miles southwest of Ann Arbor.

Item #AA2414 Celtic Sea Salt: Hand-harvested, stone ground sea salt from the protected Isle of Noirmoutier, Brittany, France. Celtic methods, dating way back, create it with no chemicals added. Smooth, mellow flavor, and a wealth of trace minerals. Fine grind. Glass jar. Ingredients: Unrefined Atlantic Fine Sea Salt. This product is gluten-free.

Item #AA3087 Seaweed Gomasio: EDEN Seaweed Gomasio sesame salt is whole roasted organically grown tan sesame seed roasted and ground with EDEN sea salt and three trace mineral rich sea vegetables - dulse, nori, and kombu. The seeds are natural gas, infared, dry roasted releasing their oil then slowly ground with the sea salt and sea vegetable powders. Ingredients: Organic Whole Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt, and the Sea Vegetables: Organic Dulse, Nori, Kombu.  Allergen notice: This product may contain very trace amounts of crustacean shellfish from dulse. This product is Oragnic, it is NOT certified gluten-free.

Ingredients Updated: 10/15/15.