Bags - 2 mil Poly Bags (5 Sizes)

Made from Food Grade polyethylene. The product image is for reference and does not reflect the actual products because the products vary in measurements. 

What is Mil Thickness? A mil is a unit of thickness that equals one thousandth of an inch. A 2 mil bag is .002 inches. To convert to gauge, take the mil and multiply it by 100. 2 mil bags are .2 gauge.

What do the bag measurements represent? Let's look at an example. A bag described as 8x4x18 would be 8" wide, 4" deep, and 18" high - which would look like the picture below. 


Item #900020 4x2x8 Gusseted

Item #900025 4x2x12 Gusseted

Item #900032 6x3x15 (also called Bread Bag size) Gusseted

Item #900035 8x4x18 Gusseted

Item #900014 4x6 Zip - Measurement Example Below - 6 being height/4 being width


Information Updated: 02/26/16.