Buckwheat Unhulled Organic Bulk

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Item #080521. 5lb.

Despite the name, buckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum is not related to wheat and is gluten free. It ranks quite low on the glycemic index.

Unhulled Buckwheat is buckwheat that has not hat the dark, hull removed. It is so tough, that even after soaking and boiling most people find it too chewy.

This Buckwheat is often ground into flour, giving buckwheat flour a naturally grey color with specks of brown. Buckwheat flour from unhulled buckwheat has a stronger taste that that made from hulled buckwheat.

Unhulled Buckwheat can also be used to grow greens called variously "Buckwheat Lettuce", "Buckwheat Grass" or "Buckwheat Greens." These greens can be used for salads, sandwiches or juicing.

It cannot be used for sprouts as Unhulled Buckwheat sprouts would still have the tough hull on them making them inedible for most people's preferences.

Ingredients: 100% Organic, Unhulled Whole Grain Buckwheat. Ingredients Updated: 10/01/15.

Allergy Information: Though this product is naturally a gluten free food, it was packaged on equipment, or in a facility, that also handles peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy and milk.

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