Bulgur Wheat

Bulgur Wheat is whole wheat that has been soaked and steamed - then dried. A portion of the bran is removed and then the kernel is cracked into small pieces. By cracking the wheat, the cooking time is reduced and the wheat takes on a nutty flavor. 

Our bulgur is considered coarse and can be cooked or simply soaked in hot water (or broth) to be edible. 1 part Bulgur to 2 parts liquid - cooked for 20 minutes.

Bulgur can be used in many ways, including soup, salad, bread and even deserts. It will absorb 2 times its volume in water so it can be used as a thickener.

Bulgur can be used as a substitute for rice. 

Item #080501 (5lb) & 080030 (50lb) Ingredients: Coarse Bulgur Wheat. Ingredients Updated: 10/01/15.

Allergy Information: This product was packaged on equipment, or in a facility, that also handles peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy and milk.

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