Chico Bags Vita - Designs (8 Varieties) *Discontinued*

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Vita, the Latin word for life, has been designed to fit into every lifestyle. A shoulder-style reusable bag with a 40-pound carrying capacity, the Vita is perfect for trips to the market, bookstore, or beach. Find your favorite below!

  • Full size reusable shoulder-style shopping bag
  • Hands-free design is great for all your shopping needs
  • Entire bag stuffs into built-in pouch for convenient storage
  • 40 pound carrying capacity
  • Made from durable, machine washable fabric
  • One year warranty


Materials: Made of durable woven polyester. Our fabric allows for easy opening and stuffing. No special folding is required.
Dimensions: Bag: 19"w x 13"h (48cm w x 33cm h)Pouch: 3"w x 5"h (8cm w x 13cm h)
Capacity: 40 lbs/ 18kg (One gallon of milk is approximately 7 lbs.)
Weight: 2 oz. / .125 lbs.
Care Instructions: Wash cold and hang to dry.


Item #AA9415 Inspire - Be (Purple Flowers)

Item #AA9416 Inspire - Dream (Blue Dandelion) 

Item #AA9421 Watercolor - Calm (Blue/Teal)

Item #AA9422 Watercolor - Renewal (Green)

Item #AA9423 Watercolor - Strength (Purple)

Updated: 04/09/18