Clear Round Twist Tube

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SKU: AA9800

These twist tubes are perfect for making your own carrier oil sticks or natural deodorants. Carrier oil sticks are a great way to deliver essential oils safely and without the mess that can sometimes happen when using a liquid carrier oil. What's better than twist, swipe and go? Carrier oil sticks are extremely portable too, so they are great for traveling. And, when was the last time you looked at the ingredients on a store bought deodorant. You can't even pronounce some of them, and some of them can be very harmful to your body and the environment. You'd be surprised how easy it is to make your own all natural deodorant.

Item #AA9800 (2oz)

  • Perfect for you making your own carrier oil sticks, aromatherapy sticks, or natural deodorants

  • Dispenses as a clockwise twist up tube

  • Translucent tube shows content level

  • Convenient for traveling purposes

  • For labeling purposes, from the bottom of the cap down to the twist piece is about 3-1/16", and they are approximately 5" in circumference around.

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