Coconut Secret Coconut Oil Organic Raw

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Our raw, extra virgin coconut oil is made from fresh coconut (not dried) using a low-temperature centrifuge process to extract the oil. The end result is the perfect mild flavor that complements, yet doesn’t overpower, the other ingredients in your recipes.

Expeller-pressed and cold pressed oils are often made from dried coconut using a high-heat drying process to achieve its strong coconutty flavor.

Item #AA8212 (16oz) 

    Ingredients: Organic, raw, extra-virgin coconut oil. 

    Alive Coconut Oil is the first to integrate the spiral helix pattern found in all facets of nature and biology. Activated through a helical spinning motion, our coconut oil is transformed into an energized, bioactive, ALIVE state. The natural spiraling motion enhances permeability and absorbability, making all the health benefits of coconut oil more readily accessible to your body, inside and out.


    We take it one step further by packaging our oil in cobalt blue glass jars that preserve the living structure and energy of our helixed oil and protect against the damaging radiation from the sun and indoor lighting.

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