Cornstarch Organic (Rapunzel)

When it comes to making the most savory sauces, creamy soups, and delicious fruit pies, only Rapunzel Corn Starch will do. No additives or preservatives make this corn starch 100% certified organic and completely GMO-free. With double the thickening power of flour, Rapunzel Corn Starch is perfect for enriching your family's favorite dishes.

Item #AA2415 (8oz)

Item #AA2415C (6-8oz)

Ingredients: Corn Starch (Organically Grown and Processed In Accordance With the Us Nop and Certified By Qai), From Certified Organic and Gmo Free Corn. Ingredients Updated: 08/07/15.

Directions: Use 1-2 tablespoons per 2 cups of liquid (soups and sauces) and 2-3 tablespoons for puddings and cake fillings. Always mix corn starch with a little cold water before stirring it into a hot dish. Bring briefly to a boil.