Bulk Couscsous

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Couscous is a coarse ground, tiny bead pasta made from whole durhum wheat or semolina (the rich endosperm extracted from the durhum wheat. 

Couscous is formed by rubbing or machining semolina flour or whole durhum flour with moisture until it combines with just enough water to form tiny grains. When they are formed they are steamed and dried.

Item #080565 (5lb) & 080064 (50lb) Organic Semolina Couscous: 100% Organic Semolina Flour & Water.

Item #080554 (5lb) & 080044 (50lb) Semolina Couscous: Semolina Flour & Water.

Item #070084 (5lb) & 075084 (50lb) Organic Whole Wheat Couscous: 100% Organic Whole Durhum Semolina Flour & Water. 

Item #080574 (5lb) & 085574 (50lb) Whole Wheat Couscous: Whole Durhum Semolina Flour & Water. 

Allergy Information: The 5lb products were packaged on equipment, or in a facility, that also handles peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy and milk. The 50lb is not certified free of those contaminates either.

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