Field Day Auto Dish Cleaners (2 Varieties)

$ 5.59
SKU: AA9162

For sparkling, spotless dishes use our powder dish washing detergent! Our biodegradable formula is made without dyes, chlorine or phosphates. Let us do the hard work for you to keep your dishes always fresh and clean!

Item #AA9161 Dishwashing Powder (45oz)

Ingredients: Sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, citric acid, sodium silicate, sodium polyarcylate, alcohol alkoxylate, sodium perborate, protease, amylase.

Item #AA9162 Dishwashing Pods (20ct)

Ingredients: Sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium sulfate, sodium polyaspartate, nonionic surfactant, protease, citric acid, sodium silicate, amylase.

Information Updated: 06/14/16.