Filberts Whole Raw (Bulk)

  • Filberts Whole Raw (Bulk)
  • Filberts Whole Raw (Bulk)

A filbert is a type of tree nut similar to hazelnuts. Often filberts are referred to as hazelnuts, though they technically grown on different (very closely related) trees.

Filberts can be used in desserts and baking, candy, flavoring and even beverages. They are also used in savory foods. 

Like hazelnuts, filberts can be used raw or roasted. Shelled Filberts still have a bitter outer skin which can be removed by blanching. 

Organic Whole Raw Filberts

Item #030155 (1lb), 030355 (3lb) & 032568 (25lb)

Ingredients: Organic Raw Filberts.

Whole Raw Filberts

Item #AA1230 (1lb), 030365 (3lb) & 030065 (25lb)

Ingredients: Raw Filberts.

Allergy Information: Though Naturally Gluten-Free, the 3lb product was packaged on equipment, or in a facility, that also handles peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy and milk. The 25lb is not certified gluten-free either.

Product packaging and/or appearance may differ from those shown here. 

Ingredients Updated: 10/15/15.