Organic Valley Ghee

Ghee, also referred to as clarified butter, is a good alternative to cooking oil and is often used in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. It is very fragrant and has a rich nutty taste. Ghee is solid at room temperature but can easily be melted if necessary. Many people prefer cooking with ghee over butter because it does not burn as easily as butter. 

Ghee is the same as clarified butter, also called drawn butter, and looks more like oil than butter. It starts with unsalted butter that has been slowly melted into three layers. The top layer is the water that evaporates as the butter slowly cooks. The milk solids form the bottom layer which is removed, and the middle layer is pure butterfat which is the clarified butter.

Item #AA2450 (13oz).

Ingredients: Certified Organic Butter (milk). Ingredients Updated: 10/15/15.