Herbatint Hair Color Kits (10 Varieties) *Discontinued*

$ 8.99 $ 15.59
SKU: AA9760

The N (Natural) Series shades color your hair while creating a natural, even color. Thanks to a consistent and odorless formula, Herbatint Haircolor Gel is easy to mix and apply, proving perfect results in just 40 minutes, every time! Herbatint’s gentle formula allows you to lighten your natural hair color up to a maximum of 2 shades.


Item #AA9760 1N Black

Item #AA9761 2N Brown

Item #AA9762 3N Dark Chestnut

Item #AA9763 4N Chestnut

Item #AA9764 5N Light Chestnut

Item #AA9765 6N Dark Blonde

Item #AA9766 7N Blonde

Item #AA9767 8N Light Blonde

Item #AA9768 9N Honey Blonde

Item #AA9769 10N Platinum Blonde

Updated: 04/10/18