Hyland's Homeopathic Single Remedy - Allium Cepa 30x

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Allium Cepa Tablets 250ct


  • Profuse, burning nasal discharge with stuffy nose, sometimes dripping from only one nostril

  • Bland discharge from eyes

  • Nostrils & upper lip become red & sore


  • From inhaling cold air

  • Painful tearing sensation

  • Grasps throat


  • Profuse watery discharge from eyes & nose, without sneezing

  • Dull pain, mostly in forehead


  • Hoarseness, beginning in laryngitis


  • Burning, smarting sensation

Sore Throat

  • open air

  • cold room

Better from evening; warm room   
Item #HY0108

Other Ingredients: a base of Acacia Gum and Lactose N.F.

Suggested Use:

Adults: Dissolve 4 tablets under tongue 4 times a day.
Children: 2 tablets as above.


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