Hyland's Homeopathic Single Remedy - Veratrum Album 30x

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Veratrum Album Tablets 250ct

Heat Exhaustion

  • Pallor

  • Nausea

  • Prostration

  • Pulse feeble & rapid

  • Weakness

Sudden Collapse

  • Extreme coldness, blueness & weakness

  • Cold sweat, especially on forehead


  • With nausea, vomiting & diarrhea

  • Neck feels too weak to hold the head up


  • Aggravated by drinking and least motion

  • Craves fruit, cold, juicy things, ice, salt


  • Alternating with diarrhea

  • "Going, both ways"

  • Thirst for cold water, vomited as soon as swallowed

  • Profuse, violent retching and vomiting


  • Copious, watery

  • Forcibly evacuated

  • Painful cramping

  • Followed by great weakness and exhaustion


  • Large stools with much straining

  • Stool followed by exhaustion & cold sweat

  • From inactivity, with headache


  • Cramps in calves

  • Cramps knotting abdomen and legs


  • Unable to cough up mucus from chest

  • Hoarse, weak voice

  • Rattling in chest

  • Loud, barking, deep cough followed by belching

  • Cough follows drinking cold water

  • Cough on entering warm room from cold air

Menstrual Disorders

  • Menses too early

  • Profuse flow, exhausting

  • Faints from least exertion

  • Painful menses with coldness, cold sweats & diarrhea

Better from walking, warmth, covering; cold drinks
Worse from night; wet, cold weather; fright; lying; exertion; hot drinks, drinking during stool; least motion 


Item #AA6648

Other Ingredients: a base of Acacia Gum and Lactose N.F.

Suggested Use:

Adults: Dissolve 4 tablets under tongue 4 times a day.

Children: 2 tablets as above.

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