Maxim Hygeine Tampons *Discontinued*

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SKU: AA9171

Maxim's Organic Cotton Plastic Applicator Tampons are designed to maximize comfort, ease of use and performance. They combine the health and eco-friendly advantages of organic cotton with the smoothness of a BPA-free plastic applicator. All of Maxim's Tampons are made with 100% Certified Organic and Chlorine Free cotton which means no added pesticides, dyes, fragrances, rayon, viscose or harmful chemicals.

  • Organic Certified by ICEA
  • Security veil to prevent fiber shredding inside of the body
  • Pull & Lock Technology
  • Slim & smooth for comfort
  • Individually wrapped

Ingredients: Organic Cotton Absorbent Core, Organic Cotton Security Veil, Cotton Withdrawal Cord, Cellulose Wrapper, BPA-free Plastic Applicator.

Item #AA9170 Organic Regular w/Applicator 16ct

Item #AA9171 Organic Super w/Applicator 14ct

Item #AA9172 Organic Super Plus w/Applicator 14ct

Updated: 06/28/20