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The plant that produces the Wild Yam( Dioscorea spp) is a vine which has spade or heart shaped leaves. It is widely distributed and grows across the midwestern and eastern United States,  Mexico, and Asia. Several different species exist. The large root or tuber is used for food and medicine in many parts of the world. Its important to note that the name ‘yam’ often causes confusion, since this plant is not the same as the sweet potato.  Indigenous cultures often turn to Wild Yam to help balance female hormones*.

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In the early 1900’s, the compounds known as Diosogenin and  Botogenin were discovered by Japanese researchers and isolated from the wild yam. These substances are classified as  steroidal saponins, also known as  phytosterols, and were actually the source of hormones that were used by pharmaceutical companies as a starting compound.* Historically, when the whole wild yam extract (Barbasco or Mexican) was given to women who were menopausal, balance was  restored *.

In the case of wild yam, as with many all natural herbal substances, folklore supports the fact that  women have always respected the healing virtues of the giant yam as a hormone balancer, and have also used  wild yam as a nutritious food.

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