Naturtint Hair Color Kits (23 Varieties)

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Naturtint® Hair Color - Ammonia-free Hair Coloring

Naturtint's plant-based permanent hair color is unlike any typical at-home hair dyes. Phergal Laboratories created a formula with a botanical base, that is eco-friendly, ammonia-free, paraben-free, and vegan friendly.

What’s in the Naturtint® Hair Coloring Box

Each package of Naturtint®contains everything you need to easily color your hair by yourself.

  1. INSTRUCTION LEAFLET FOR APPLYING NATURTINT®HAIR COLORING- Please carefully read all instructions in this booklet. You can also read the instructions for applying Naturtint hair coloring online.

 2. PROTECTIVE GLOVES - Protect your hands from staining during hair coloring.

  1. NATURTINT®HAIR COLORANT BOTTLE - (2.1 fl. oz. / 60 ml.) Harsh chemical-free hair color with active plant-based ingredients is the secret to beautiful healthy hair.

  2. HAIR COLOR DEVELOPER APPLICATOR BOTTLE- (2.1 fl. oz. / 60 ml.) The developer and colorant are mixed and applied using this bottle.

  3. NATURTINT®SHAMPOO SACHET -(0.53 fl. oz. / 15 ml.) Free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances, Naturtint Shampoo is enriched with natural linseed extract, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus oil for maximum manageability, condition, and superb shine.

  4. NUTRIDEEP®MULTIPLIER/CONDITIONER TUBE -(1.2 fl. oz. / 25 ml.) Formulated with wheat proteins, sunflower extract, lemon extract, and linseed extract. Nutrideep® Multiplier guarantees color fixing, reduces hair breakage, and moisturizes and soothes your scalp and hair.

Item #AA9733 1N Ebony Black

Item #AA9734 2N Brown Black

Item #AA9735 3N Dark Chestnut Brown

Item #AA9736 4N Natural Chestnut

Item #AA9737 5N Light Chestnut Brown

Item #AA9738 6N Dark Blonde

Item #AA9739 7N Hazelnut Blonde

Item #AA9740 8N Wheat Germ Blonde

Item #AA9741 9N Honey Blonde

Item #AA9742 10N Light Dawn Blonde

Item #AA9743 4G Golden Chestnut

Item #AA9744 5G Light Golden Chestnut

Item #AA9745 6G Dark Golden Blonde

Item #AA9746 7G Golden Blonde

Item #AA9747 8G Sandy Golden Blonde

Item #AA9748 4M Mohogany Chestnut

Item #AA9749 5M Light Mohogany Chestnut

Item #AA9750 5C Light Copper Chestnut

Item #AA9751 7C Terracotta Blonde

Item #AA9753 8A Ash Blonde

Item #AA9754 9R Fire Red

Item #AA9755 10A Light Ash Blonde

Naturtint®'s hair color chart makes it easy to choose the right color for your hair

Our Naturtint Hair Color Chart can give you hair color ideas and help you get great results when you color at home. Most people find that coloring their hair one or two shades darker or lighter than their natural hair color suits their skin tone. You can color your hair as dark as you like in one application, however, you can only lighten your hair color by one or two shades at a time. To achieve a hair color that is much lighter than your natural hair color, you must do so by coloring in stages, choosing shades one or two steps lighter than the color used previously. For example, if you wanted to go from Naturtint hair color 5N to 10N, you would use Naturtint Colors 7N, then 9N, and then Naturtint 10N. For best results, you must wait 2 weeks between coloring.

The colors displayed on your screen may differ from the actual hair color sample.

Updated: 11/07/17
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