Organic India Tulsi Tea (11 Varieties)

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SKU: AA8586

Tulsi, the “Queen of Herbs,” provides comprehensive stress support and is and revered throughout India as sacred. A powerful adaptogen, certified organic Tulsi Tea tastes great, uplifts mood, aids digestion and supports your natural immune system.*

Varieties are Caffeine Free except as noted. Please refer to the individual descriptions for Caffeine status. For a complete ingredient list, please view the picture to the right of the box picture for the variety you would like to see, or select the 3pk option as the ingredient picture will show when that is selected.

Item #AA8586 Ashwagandha (18ct)

Item #AA8592 Green (18ct) Contains Caffeine

Item #AA8584 Hibiscus

Item #AA8583 Lemon Ginger (18ct)

Item #AA8578 Moringa (18ct)

Item #AA8580 Original (18ct)

Item #AA8585 Peppermint (18ct)

Item #AA8589 Sweet Rose (18ct)

Item #AA8582 Turmeric Ginger (18ct)

Item #AA8581 Turmeric Rooibos (18ct)

Updated: 03/19/19