La Tourangelle Sun Coco Oil

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When asked by professional chefs to come up with the most versatile organic cooking oil, we developed Organic Sun Coco Oil, a unique blend of organic high-oleic sunflower oil and organic refined coconut oil. Neutral in flavor and with a smoke point of 440°F, Organic Sun Coco Oil combines functionality with rich texture, making it perfect for all your cooking needs.

Item #AA2483 (25.4oz)

Ingredients: 100% Organic Sunflower seed oil and Organic refined Coconut oil

Perfect for high temperature frying, sauteing, grilling, baking or blending into a vinaigrette or marinade. A great substitute for butter or vegetable shortening.


Sun Coco is suitable for High Heat and deep fry.

Health benefits
Organic Sun Coco oil is Omega-rich, contains the most desirable MCT, acts as a natural antioxidant due to the high level of vitamin E, and can be a natural source for energy.

Production process
La Tourangelle set out to design the world’s best organic cooking oil. Through a proprietary blend, La Tourangelle has created Organic Sun Coco oil which is uniquely produced from Non-GMO and organically grown coconuts and sunflower seeds. The coconuts and sunflower seeds are expeller-pressed before being carefully blended and bottled into our signature food-grade tin cans.


Updated: 04/09/17