Redmond Real Salt® Brand Sea Salt (8 Varieties)

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When it comes to good health, we believe nature has it right. Real Salt® brand sea salt is exactly the way nature made it–unlike most other salt companies, we don’t add anything and we don’t take anything away. The result is a natural sea salt with more than 60 trace minerals, a unique taste our customers love, and reports of health benefits around the globe.

Real Salt® brand sea salt comes from an ancient sea bed in Central Utah, where for more than 30 years we've delivered completely natural sea salt -- nothing added, nothing taken away. That means you get more than 60 trace minerals in a delicious, healthy salt that is never chemically treated, bleached, or kiln dried.

Real Salt brand salt is the best tasting, healthiest sea salt you can find. Take the Real Salt taste test and discover why Real Salt brand salt is the best-selling brand of sea salt in America’s health food stores.

Item #230924 (10oz), 232663 (26oz), AA2406 (5lb), & 232563 (25lb) Real Salt Sea Salt. The 5lb Bag is repacked from the 25lb. It is packaged in a facility that is not kosher - and it is packaged on equipment that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and soy.

Item #301673 (16oz) Real Salt Coarse Grind: Coarse grind Real Salt is designed for salt mill use.

Item #301683 (16oz) Real Salt Kosher: Recently the term “Kosher” has become confusing in the salt market because there are two meanings of “Kosher Salt”. While all RealSalt products are “Kosher Certified” by the Orthodox Union, and therefore approved for the Jewish community, “Kosher Salt” has a slightly larger granulation size. Now when a recipe calls for Kosher Salt you can reach for your Real Salt Kosher shaker and enjoy the award-winning flavor!

Item #338250 Real Salt Organic Garlic Salt: Sea salt & organic garlic.

Item #338252 Real Salt Organic Onion Salt: Sea salt and organic onion.

Ingredients Updated: 10/15/15.