Traditional Medicinals Organic Seasonal & Immune Teas (9 Varieties) *TPR*

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SKU: AA8989

Prepare, take care, and find comfort with our line of seasonal teas. Try Echinacea Plus to get your immune system fired up*, Gypsy Cold Care to warm your spirit and Throat Coat to support throat health.*

For a complete ingredient list, please view the picture to the right of the box picture for the variety you would like to see. All Naturally Caffeine Free!

Item #AA8989 Breathe Easy (16ct)

Item #AA8939 Echinacea Plus (16ct)

Item #AA8974 Echinacea Plus Elderberry (16ct)

Item #AA8990 Gypsy Cold Care (16ct)

Item #AA8930 Seasonal Sampler (16ct)

Item #AA8992 Throat Coat (16ct)

Item #AA8993 Throat Coat Eucalyptus (16ct)

Item #AA8929 Throat Coat Lemon Echinacea (16ct)

Updated: 11/25/19