Better Life Auto Dishwasher Gel

$ 7.19
SKU: AA9089

Our natural, ultra-concentrated dishwasher gel powers through stubborn stains and stuck-on food, leaving no trace of film or cloudiness behind – just dazzlingly beautiful dishes, glasses, and utensils. Don’t be surprised if the dish runs away with the spoon.

Directions. First, shake it up! For regular loads, squirt 1 tbsp. into your automatic dishwasher’s detergent cup. Double up with 2 tbsp. if the racks are a little more crowded. Rinse dishes before loading for best results.

Item #AA9089 (30oz) 



Purified water Local source Consistency
Potassium cocoate Coconut oil and soda ash Cleaning agent, surfactant
Sodium citrate Mineral Cleaning agent, water softener
Coco glucoside Coconut oil Cleaning agent, surfactant
Sodium silicate Mineral Cleaning agent, water softener
Decyl glucoside Corn and coconut oil Cleaning agent, surfactant
Quillaja saponaria bark extract Soap bark extract Cleaning agent
Glycerin (vegetable) Vegetable oil Conditioning agent
Sodium carbonate Mineral Cleaning agent, water softener
Xanthan gum Vegetable matter Thickener
Sorbitan oleate Corn Cleaning agent, surfactant
Enzyme blend Natural enzymes Cleaning agent
Citric acid Citrus fruit pH adjustment


Updated: 12/22/17