Bionox Chelanox Heavy Metal Detox 120ct

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Support the removal of dangerous toxins and heavy metals from the body and promote circulatory and immune system health!

Let's face it; the word detox has been thrown around and placed on ineffective creams, teas, and many a fat-loss product. The need to detox, however, is real, and with today's high level of industrial contamination, more necessary than ever. Heavy metals don't just accumulate in one place, they go everywhere, and Chelanox goes there too. 

Chelanox stands alone by supporting the detoxification of all organs and internal systems, including the heart, liver, kidneys, and immune system.

With EDTA, Chlorella, and Cilantro extract, Chelanox supports the binding, elimination, and removal of unwanted toxins.

Item #BN87533 (120ct)

How is Chelanox different than other formulas?

Most other detox formulas contain one main active ingredient to promote detoxification, like milk thistle. If these products contain other ingredients, they are in deficient, nonfunctional amounts. The same is true for most detox supplements. They may contain one toxin-binding agent but only contain a negligible amount of that active ingredient, making the product ineffective for detoxification.

Chelanox stands alone in having all the best natural detoxification and toxin-binding agents in powerful, therapeutic amounts. Nothing else works as well as Chelanox in terms of providing a systemic cleanse of all major organs and the circulatory system, as well as support for the circulatory and immune systems. Like all Bionox products, we formulated Chelanox based on one single question: "Does it work?"

When you buy Chelanox, you get three valuable and effective products in one, which, if purchased individually, would cost more than $100.

EDTA, one of the best natural metal binding and detox agents, is destroyed by stomach acid. To bypass this issue, we use acid-resistant capsules that help take the EDTA into the intestines, where the capsule then opens. This bypasses the stomach acid and takes the EDTA to a place where it can be directly absorbed in much greater amounts.

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