Eden Barley Malt Syrup 20oz

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Organic sprouted U.S.A. malting barley, kiln roasted, water extracted, then slowly reduced to thick, rich syrup. An ancient process using only the grain's enzymes created in the sprouting process, and the knowledge and care of artisan maltsters. Half the sweetness of refined sugar. A non-diastatic sweetener. A nourishing, appealing, versatile sweetener that's ideal for baked good like spice cakes, gingerbread, whole grain breads, baked beans, barbecue sauces, candied vegetables, and home brewing. 74.5% maltose. A clean tasting, healthy, more intelligent sweetener from sprouted whole grain. Glass jar. kosher

Grain is transformed into wholesome sweetness through the simple, yet wondrous process of traditional malting. This is a superior traditionally malted organically grown and produced sweetener, EDEN Barley Malt Syrup.

The only ingredients in EDEN Barley Malt Syrup are USA family farm organically grown barley and water.

As with true organic farming, our traditional organic malting process is performed in cooperation with Nature. While others use pharmaceutical, artificially produced enzymes, gibberellic acid, and potassium bromate to speed and increase production, our centuries old process uses only the grain's own enzymes and the knowledge and care of artisan maltsters.

Item #AA2063 (20oz)

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