Jovial Organic Brown Rice Egg Noodles (Tagliatelle)

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SKU: AA1192

Crafted in Lucca by Tuscany’s finest pasta artisans with the very best ingredients, our new egg pasta has the taste and texture of traditional tagliatelle. Treat yourself to a very special pasta dinner with this authentic product.

  • The freshest eggs from pasture-raised hens.
  • Pressed with bronze dies and slow dried for superior quality.
  • Made exclusively with Italian grown 100% organic brown rice.
  • 48g of whole grains per serving.
  • Certified gluten free at less than 10PPM.

Item #AA1192 (9oz) Tagliatelle

Ingredients: Organic brown rice flour, water, organic eggs

Allergen Information

Contains eggs. May contain traces of soy.